YoDabba Mini Hybrid Enail

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YoDabba Mini Hybrid Enail 

The best things come in small packages and this Mini Hybrid eNail kit is as small as they come. With a universal e-nail made from high-quality materials with phenomenal thermal qualities and a slimline display unit jam-packed with power, you’d better believe that this setup, despite its size, can deliver mammoth dabs.

Elevate your dabbing experience and reach new heights (or should that be highs) with the beefed-up Mini Hybrid eNail. Based on their tried-and-tested mini digital display setup, Yo Dabba Dabba’s new, souped-up and pimped out version promises a more efficient – and tasty – dab.

Crafted by dabbing enthusiasts from high-grade materials, this universal quartz-titanium Mini Hybrid eNail brings together the best of what both elements have to offer. Expect exceptional heat retention, excellent durability and the promise of pure, delectable, milky white vapes. And thanks to the compact display unit, there’s no more second-guessing when it comes to temperature control or knowing when your concentrates are ready to vape. Ripe in less than 30-seconds, this e-nail kicks out some serious heat, lightning fast. Now, you can finally take full advantage of all those cannabinoids and terpenes, and have reliably potent, flavorful draws.

The Mini Hybrid eNail arrives in a handy, sturdy case so that you can bring your kit wherever life takes you, safely and discreetly. It also comes with; a 3ft flat coil, a Quartz Hybrid Carb Cap, three replacement quartz dishes and, of course, the display unit.

They say you can’t teach old dogs new tricks, but with Yo Dabba’s Mini Hybrid eNail, you clearly can. Thanks to a design overhaul and a fresh slimline unit, dab enthusiasts can enjoy a supercharged vape on any rig, anytime, anywhere. So, if you fancy taking your dabs to a whole other level, even when out and about, then this Mini Hybrid eNail kit is exactly what you’re looking for.





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