Yo Dabba Classic Titanium Enail

YoDabba Classic Titanium Enail

The Classic Electronic Nail, available exclusively from Yo! Dabba Dabba, takes the guesswork out of dabbing by allowing its user to manually set the nail’s temperature. It includes an all-in-one grade 2 titanium nail to fit every rig and comes with a six-month warranty on the coil as well as a one-year warranty on the digital display control box.

Say goodbye to the paleo-lit-ic era of butane torches and lighters, and welcome in the Age of Dabbing Enlightenment with the Classic Titanium eNail from Yo Dabba Dabba. Technologically advanced yet user-friendly, this heavy-duty titanium e-nail saves dab enthusiasts time and money in the long run while putting a stop to bland, boring draws, period.

They say that history never looks like history when you’re living through it, but trust us, with its 3-wrap coil, digital display, and adjustable temperature controls, Yo Dabba Dabba’s Classic Titanium eNail will make you feel like you’re part of something revolutionary. How? By taking the guesswork out of dabbing; making vaping at optimal temperatures a breeze.

Temperatures on this Classic Titanium eNail can be set between 0°F – 1200°F for a bespoke vape that’s both tasty and powerful. Alternatively, its auto turn-on feature will rapidly heat the nail to 710°F; perfect for quick and easy low-temp dabbing.

Forged from Grade-2 titanium and boasting impressive thermal properties, Yo Dabba Dabba’s Classic 3-in-1 Ti eNail stays at your favorite temperatures for as long as you need them; making it the perfect piece for house parties and other social gatherings. Plus, its 1in (2.5cm) dish with raised center makes dabbing globs a breeze. Which is great because as we all know, in this age, bigger dabs vaped at optimal temperatures make for tastier, stronger draws.


Voltage: 90-150v

Coil Size: 20mm

Cord length: 4ft

Wattage: 120w coil



Digital Display Control Box (with one-year warranty)

Power Cord

Coiled Heating Cord (with six-month warranty)

All in One Ti eNail

Make history today by swapping your old-school nail setup with a Classic Titanium eNail Kit from Yo Dabba Dabba.



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