Storz & Bickel Mighty Dry Herb Vaporizer (ONLINE ONLY)

Storz & Bickel Mighty Dry Herb Vaporizer 

The perfect choice for those seeking a top-quality, no frills vaporizer that guarantees premium results every time, the Mighty Vaporizer is a real force to be reckoned with. Super easy to operate and offering premium vapour at all times with its innovative dual heating method, the Mighty Vaporizer is a great choice if you value both quality and performance when vaping.

Whilst a little too large to fit into most pockets, this vaporizer can easily be carried in a bag or purse making it suitable for both on-the-go and at-home use.

Temperature Control 

Unlike many other vaporizers on the market only offering specific pre-set temperatures for you to choose from, the Mighty Vaporizer provides full control. Allowing you to select any temperature between 40°C and 210°C, the power is solely in your hands. And due to the simplistic plus and minus arrow buttons on its surface, changing this device’s temperature couldn’t be easier – especially useful for beginners.  


Impressive Battery Power

Powered by two built-in lithium batteries, the Mighty Vaporizer can provide up to 120 minutes of continuous vaping from just one charging cycle. And when the batteries need to be charged, you can still use this vaporizer with the power adaptor provided whilst charging is taking place.

Conduction & Convection Heating

Able to provide continuous high performance to ensure the best quality vapour possible, the Mighty Vaporizer utilizes two impressive heating methods to produce results. Generating heated air to provide constant heat during the evaporation stage for optimum temperature maintenance, its radiation heat guarantees instant quality vapour from the outset. Never leaving you waiting multiple breaths for top quality, great tasting vapour to be produced, the Mighty Vaporizer guarantees premium performance throughout your entire session.

Generous chamber


High-yield return.

The integrated 1.4 cm³ Filling Chamber can be used for herbs or liquids with the additional Drip Pad. The Cooling Unit with flipable Mouthpiece provides the delivery of pleasant vapor and optimal flavor.



The Mighty features a solid, durable design with a ribbed exterior for enhanced grip. This tactical design also allows heat to disperse evenly, ensuring that the device's surfaces remain cool.


In The Box;


  • 1 pc. MIGHTY Vaporizer

  • 1 pc. Power Adapter 110 Volt

  • 1 Set of Spare Seal Rings

  • 3 pc. Spare Screen (approx. Ø 15 mm)

  • 1 pc. Drip Pad (approx. Ø 15 x 5 mm)

  • 1 pc. Filling Aid

  • 1 pc. Herb Mill (approx. Ø 59 mm)

  • 1 pc. Dosing Capsule

  • 1 pc. Cleaning Brush

  • 1 pc. Instructions for Use


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