Special Blue Full Metal Torch

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Special Blue Full Metal Torch 

Special Blue is the industry leader of torches and butane. When it comes to quality, longevity, and cost efficiency, Special Blue lands at the top. Their powerful yet easy-to-use system allows for quicker heating and less overall time in the dabbing process.

Special Blue Torches feature auto ignition, ergonomic design & an adjustable flame. They work at any angle. Plus they are both cordless and lightweight. Never struggle to refill again Special Blue is known for their easy refill system. Best of all, each Special Blue Torch has a lifetime factory warranty


Automatic Ignition

Adjustable Flame

Works at Any Angle


Quick Butance Refill System (3-4 seconds max)



Stands by Itself

Big tank

Lock function

Click button operation

Flame Temperature: 1000-1100° C



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