Smart Pots w/Handles

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Smart Pots w/Handles 

What it is; The smart pot is a container. In that way it works like any other container. You put good soil in along with your seed or plant and feed and water. The benefits of the Smart Pot are the aeration, water drainage and heat release. These three benefits will help you get a bigger better plant than what you have gotten in the past with the same size plastic or other container.


Better Root System; Air pruning occurs when a root comes in contact with the air on the side of a Smart Pot. The root tip stops growing and instead begins growing smaller side-roots. This fibrous root structure takes in more moisture and nutrients.

This is the opposite of what happens in a plastic container where a few thick roots circles the pot until it constricts itself.

Air-pruning produces a stronger, healthier root system resulting in healthier plants.


Reusable; Our bags are incredibly durable and can be washed and reused over and over.


Why buy Smart Pot over Other Brands; Our products are made in the USA and the quality is unmatched. Some of the competitors are so thin that the bag will rip on you in a very short time. Others are so thick that they do not air prune so you don’t get the best roots. If it is too thick, it also won’t drain well which causes root rot that can destroy your plant.

The Smart Pot is the original fabric pot and we have innovated the design specifically to maximize the development of a healthy root system. Our fabric not only lasts longer – it drains, air prunes, and release heat better.

Our fabric has been independently tested and is BPA free. We tested 4 of our leading competitors and found 3 of them had BPA present. The smart pot is also the fabric container that the leaders in the industry want to work with. There’s a reason they want to work with us and not a cheap copy.


Great for growing cannabis and vegetables. 


Available in; 3gal, 5gal and 7 gal.



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