Royal Queen Seeds - Royal Bluematic AUTO FEM

Royal Queen Seeds - Royal Bluematic AUTO FEM

Royal Bluematic is an autoflowering version of the incontrovertible and world famous Blueberry. The strain’s sweet, fruity flavour and berry aroma are just one of its many attractions.

Royal Bluematic grows to a medium-to-tall height for an auto flowering strain. Average heights are between 60-70 centimetres. Yields are a comfortably generous 120 grams per plant. One of the cool things about this plant is that it naturally focuses its attention on producing one large main bud. Popcorn buds are not common with this strain, even if you do not use pruning techniques.

Thanks to its indica genetics, Royal Bluematic has a smooth, relaxing stone. Medical patients in particular, like this strain for its high THC content.

Connoisseurs and growers like this plant for its aesthetics too. It produces beautiful and very colourful buds


TYPE: Idica Dominant


GENETICS: Blueberry x Autoflowering strains


FLOWERING TIME: 8 - 9 weeks


INDOOR/OUTDOOR: Indoor, Outdoor


HEIGHT: 60 -75 cm


YIELD: 50 g/plant


THC: 14%


FLAVOR NOTES: Fruity, Berry, Sweet


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