RAW Joint Holders

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RAW JOINT HOLDERS; Double Barrel 1 1/4, Double Barrel KS, Trident, Level Five, Put five on it 


The RAW Double Barrel is a wooden cigarette holder that can hold TWO (that’s right, TWO) smokes at a time!  Sometimes you just want to double down – sometimes you want to smoke 2 different flavors or varieties at once! Can be used for Kingsize and or 1 1/4 Size Papers.


The Raw Wooden Trident holds THREE hand rolls or pre-rolled cones at once but still provides a balanced and even draw.  It brings your smoking experience to LEVEL 3!  Ideal for parties or sharing with friends, just remember: sharing is caring!


The RAW Level Five started as a joke between me and my friend Eric “Baby Lungs” Searle.  Five is unrealistic, it’s difficult to balance and it’s probably going to burn uneven… but that’s not the point.  We made this RAWdiculous contraption for laughs and the nights you’ll never remember.  Welcome to level Five!


You thought the RAW Double Barrel and Trident were some next level sh!+, say hello to the RAW High Five. This wooden cigarette holder will take you to the fifth level with five slots. RAW High Five comes with a small burlap bag for safe keeping.

RAW brings you another innovative wooden cigarette/joint holder that steps it up a level; Level Five. You didn't know you needed the ability to smoke five cones at one time but you most assuredly will at some point! You're welcome.






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