*ONLINE ONLY* Spider Farmer SE-3000 Full-Spectrum LED


The Spider Farmer SE3000 is Spider Farmer's most flexible LED grow light to date. The innovative 4-bar LED design provides a uniform distribution of light and allows the fixture to be mounted in low rooms, on vertical racks, rolling benches or even in grow tents. This light is perfect for any grower; from greenhouse, hydroponic, grow tent or vertical grow racks, the Spider Farmer SE3000 will provide incredible yields.

SE3000 Features:


  • Maximum uniformity and efficiency: unique 4-bar LED design provides uniform canopy coverage, evenly spreading to the outer cultivation areas. With 896pcs Samsung and Osram diodes, the SE3000 LED grow lights draw 300 watts at 822.82umol/s, achieving an impressive PPE of 2.75 umol/J. The SE3000 provides coverage for 90cm x 90cm of high-yielding full-cycle growth.

  • Upgraded full spectrum: full spectrum (380-410nm, 660-665nm, 730-740nm, 2800-3000K,4800-5000K) is perfect for every stage from veg to bloom.

  • Dimmable: the dimming knob is ideal for growers to adjust the light intensity according to different growing stages.

  • Passively cooled: bar light design and aluminium material on the back contribute to better airflow and heat dissipation.

  • Detachable driver: the SE3000 comes with a detachable driver and long power cord, reducing ambient heat in your growing space for extended lifespan.

  • Daisy-chain dimming: the daisy-chain function allows you to connect up to 15 SE3000 LED growing lights, dimming multiple lights simultaneously. This can be widely applied in commercial grow rooms (horizontal and vertical), climate rooms, household gardens and home grows (grow box and tents).


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