Kushie Kush 1L

Kushie Kush nutrients

A bloom booster specifically designed and tested to give you more potency and weight from your Kush plants (a Kush-Specific bloom booster)

Using Kushie Kush, you get gooey, glistening, resin-dripping, weighty, tight, dense, sticky Kush buds.

All major sub varieties of Kush were tested so this formula contains exactly the right ingredients that your Kush needs to produce larger more medicinal yields.

By providing extra phosphorus (P) and potassium (K) and some nitrogen (N) in exactly the right amounts, Kushie Kush induces profuse flowering and intense oils in certain plants.

Advanced Nutrients calls it “A push for your Kush”! Nowhere else can you find a bloom booster so fine-tuned to these plants!


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