King Palm Flavoured Rolls

King Palm Flavoured Terp Rolls

King Palm’s Terp flavor rolls are doses of juicy fruit combined with the terroir notes your herb is known for. These two packs have all the tools you need to enjoy a smooth, potent smoke sesh. With mini or slim size pre-rolled palm leaves and a stick for packing, you’ll relish in the ease of these rolls.

The Terp packs include King Palm’s latest revolutionary hit: flavored joint tips. These tips contain terpene-infused oils that, when squeezed, release bursts of berry flavor with every puff. (you should feel/hear a pop and you will immediately taste the released flavor)

Whether you pop it before you smoke or halfway through is entirely up to you. 

Just pick your favorite flavor, pack it, pop it, and enjoy! 

Resealable Package Includes:

  • Two Organic Pre-Rolled Palm Leaves

  • Two Terpene-Infused Joint Filter Tips (Pre-installed)

  • Bamboo Stick for Packing

  • Boveda Humidity Pack or 62% Humidity Controlled packaging for guaranteed freshness

Mini rolls hold 1g

Slim rolls hold 1.5g


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