Kandy Pens Gravity Coils

Kandy Pens Gravity Coils 


Replacement Coilless Ceramic Atomizer for Gravity vape pen

Coilless Ceramic Chamber with Ceramic Dish

SloBurn™ Technology

Elevated Airflow System (No clogging or leaking)

510 Thread Compatible

No Glues or Dyes

Cross Compatible with Galaxy & Donuts

 Designed in the USA


In line with all of KandyPens spectacular products, the Gravity Ceramic Atomizer is constructed with only premium-grade materials. The body of the device is made with high-quality aluminum-zinc metal alloy, thereby providing for robustness, durability, resilience, and remarkable resistance to rust and corrosion. The standard 510 threading is fabricated with solid 304-grade stainless steel, allowing it to endure the rigors of heavy use without faltering. The 510 threading also enables you to pair the Gravity Ceramic Atomizer with any 510-threaded battery you wish, making it remarkably versatile.

Internally, the KandyPens Gravity Atomizer features a coil-less ceramic dish and chamber. The lack of a coil results in a longer-lasting device with superior heat distribution. The atomizer’s patented SloBurn™ technology provides for exceptionally enjoyable and long-lasting sessions.

The base of the KandyPens Gravity Coil-Less Ceramic Atomizer features an elevated airflow system, which provides for superior airflow. This results in exceptionally flavorful and robust taste, while simultaneously preventing leaking and clogging as well.

Each pod is improved not only in airflow design but also for combating leaks. The leak-proof system is improved by sealing the bottom of the pods and improving the design on the rubber caps. Your Yocan Trio Pods will not cause any of the materials to overflow and will not cause the pod to clog and get congested.

Each coil sold individually 


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