Hygrozyme Enzyme Formula

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Hygrozyme Enzyme Formula 

Hygrozyme is a concentrated enzyme formula and is an essential addition to any grow system. With over 20 years of medical and horticultural enzyme formulation and production experience, Hygrozyme by SIPCO perfected a proprietary formula to help plants reach their full genetic potential. Hygrozyme provides a cleaner root zone by accelerating the breakdown of dead root matter. Hygrozyme's root breakdown process helps plants thrive by stimulating new root growth and nutrient absorption while unlocking additional nutrients to support and feed beneficial microbes.


-Hygrozyme provides a cleaner root zone

-Hygrozyme accelerates breakdown of dead roots

-Hygrozyme is effective in all growing media & growth stages

-Hygrozyme is compatible with all nutrient & supplement programs

-Hygrozyme supports beneficial microbes

-Hygrozyme is manufactured in a facility whose quality management is certified ISO 9001:2015

Why are enzymes important?: Enzymes are organic substances produced by beneficial microbes that are becoming a common ingredient in plant nutrients. Enzymes can be used beneficially in the garden, but they must be the appropriate enzymes for the desired chemical reactions. Each reaction has its own enzyme, which is why having the correct enzymes present for the desired reactions is critical. Enzymes are not only used for nitrogen uptake, but for a wide variety of chemical reactions, both internal and external to plants and their root systems. Internally, enzymes in plants are used for photosynthesis and other possesses.
Externally, plant roots naturally express enzymes to assist with nutrient uptake. There are other garden uses for enzymes as well. For example, some enzymes will act as insecticides, dissolving the insect’s waxy protective coating known as its cuticle and exposing its exoskeleton. Other enzymes can help protect plants from non-beneficial molds and bacteria.


Seedling Trays: 6 ml per 4 liters (1 gallon) of water to treat prior to use. Gently soak medium to meet required moisture level.

Cuttings Media Preparation: Soak rockwool cube or plugs at 6 ml per 4 liters (1 gallon) of water. Proceed with normal regimen.

Hydroponics/ Soil/ Coco/ Rockwool/ Media: Should be used in conjunction with nutrient change-out based on weekly feeding schedule. Add 8-10 ml per 4 liters (never exceed 15 ml per 4 liters). Use as a soak / cleanser or in a drip feed system. Stay with normal feed schedule and apply in conjunction with normal regimen.

Foliar Equipment Wash & Rinse Application: 4 to 6 ml per 4 liters (1 gallon) (Use RO or distilled water when using in foliar spray equipment). Rinse equipment before and after use. Use once a week or when dictated by your feeding schedule.


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