High Tea Leaf - Hemp Wrap


High Tea Leaf gives you an incredible 5 wraps per pack 

Made from Hemp, Cacao, Mate & food grade flavours.  

Self Rolling - Open the pack and pull out a fresh wrap and watch it curl. Lay your fill, roll, lick it sealed and enjoy. Be sure to have your fill ready when you pull out your wrap before it curls on you.

 Wraps per pack - The best value in the market with 5 wraps per pouch

Re-sealable pouch - You get 5 wraps per pouch so you want to keep those fresh. Our strong re-sealable pouch is great for keeping you wraps moist. Also - to increase the experience, keep your fill in the pouch to absorb the aroma of the wraps.

Tobacco free - High Tea Leaf is tobacco free. some users want tobacco and that is fine. HighTea Leaf is not a cigarette paper. It is a blunt flavoured wrap.

Available in 6 flavours - Blueberry, Chocolate, Grape, Mango, Vanilla and Watermelon give you a wide variety of taste experiences


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