Gear Skilletools Anodized Tool are made from dental-grade stainless steel and can be used for all Extracts & Concentrated Oils.

Comes in 6 styles;

Sharpy- shaped like a dentist's pick, making it ideal for those tough-to-reach corners.

Glassy- One end has a solid rectangular tip that is great for breaking down stubborn concentrates and the other end is a rounded flat scoop that easily transports your materials to your dab rig or vaporizer.

Waxon- features a long flat took for easy to cut material. The wide face waxon tool provides more control over a variety of materials.

Honeybun- Dual-Sided. One side of the Dabber has a Mini Spoon like tip and the other side features a Bowl Pointed Tip.

Flexy- One Sided Flat Pick Designed for even the Smallest Jobs

Mr. Dabalina- double tipped point, shaped like a fork. It can practically pick up anything.



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