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Female Seeds - Chem OG FEM 4 Pack 

This exciting American OG strain is the result of crossing an OG Kush mother with a highly potent original Chemdawg father. She is a strong, resistant and sturdy stemmed plant. Thanks to her genes the plants present OG Kush-type buds, really dense and pop-corn shaped.

She is a highly productive plant, with light green colored leaves (with different phenos the leaves tend to get a yellowish green aspect) and vivid green buds. These buds are abundantly covered with orange pistils giving the plant a beautiful and attractive appearance. Besides the orange pistils the buds have with a very noticeable layer of trichomes.

Keep humidity low in the final stages to prevent mould. She likes different growing technique. She’s a versatile plant and reacts well to stress and any overfeeding. Screen of Green training method is a highly recommended method.

The smoke is smooth and delicate, she charms with an intense combination of flavors. One can clearly distinguish pleasant notes of lemon, pine, earthy and a woody flavor. That is thanks to its OG Kush origins, while thanks to the Chemdawg father gives the strain a very distinctive, prominent sour taste of with that typical diesel/fuel taste.

The effect is intense, long lasting and combines two different but balanced highs. At first an uplifting and stimulating high, which then develops into a more indica effect developing a more sedative effect. Even though is not a complete couch-locker strain, it still helps you relax and alleviate stress.

TYPE: Indica Dominant


GENETICS: OG Kush x Chemdawg




INDOOR/OUTDOOR: Indoor, Greenhouse, Outdoor


PLANT HEIGHT: Indoor: 80-110 cm | Outdoor: 1,5-2,5m


YIELD: Indoor: 500-600 g/m² | Outdoor: 600-1200g/plant


THC: 20%


FLAVOR NOTES: Diesel, Earthy, Lemon, Pine, Sour, Woody



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