Drysift Wizard Screen Set

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The Dry Sift Wizard, providing solutions for obtaining quality medicine.The Medium Dry Sift Screen Set by Dry Sift Wizard is a kit that includes 3 industrial strength trimming and collecting screens. The three wooden framed screens are made in the USA from Grade A poplar and measure 20" x 24”. This Screen is large enough for a bumper crop of plant trimmings and ideal for collecting plant crystals and making dry sift.

The mesh itself is made from Italian mono-filament polyester, exclusively for Dry Sift Wizard. An extremely precise specification measured on lines per inch (LPI) as opposed to micron size. 

The first screen (approx 210u micron) can be used to quickly extract resins from plant; the second (180u micron) and third (70u micron) screens are used to remove contaminants and detritus for a high quality sift.  

The kit also includes a selection of extra accessories like storage jars, scraping cards and a spray bottle filled with Brillianize (an anti-static solution which repels dust and resists fingerprints).

Top quality results can be obtained in a matter of seconds with this Dry Sift Screen Kit.  

Reasons why dry sifting is better/easier for the average medical patient or recreational user.

  • Ease of Use: Faster, cleaner set up and break down. No solvents, no ice, just a few minutes of time.
  • Terpene Retention: When you make dry sift, you aren’t rinsing away valuable terpenes which play a vital role in medication.
  • Learning Curve: There is almost no learning curve. You will become very skilled at this very quickly.
  • Peace of Mind: Knowing that you made it yourself. No wondering where it came from.
  • The Experience: Aroma, taste, etc. Dry sift is the most natural form of extract possible and for that reason alone you will be producing the finest grade medicine available.
  • Options: Dry sift can easily be reduced into butters, oils, or other types of cooking products for other methods of delivery. It does not have to be inhaled.


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