Advanced Nutrients PH Up 1L

Advanced Nutrients PH Up 1L 

- Promotes Plant Health and Nutrient Absorption

- Superior-grade, Pure Formula

- Economical and Easy to Use

Have you ever met a grower who fed his crops the best nutrients and they still gave him weak performance and small harvests?

In many cases, there’s a hidden problem that blocks plants from absorbing nutrients.

The problem involves what chemists call “pH”. pH term describes the relative alkalinity and acidity of the water and root zone media your plants grow with.

If you want your hydroponics plants to grow quickly and produce fantastic harvests time after time, you need to carefully balance the pH of your hydroponics root zone and nutrient water.

If you don’t adjust pH to optimum levels, your plants will grow slowly, produce teeny weeny harvests, or even die.

This pH Up is a pharmaceutical grade version of potassium that immediately increases hydroponics pH without harming plants.


Use small amounts when adjusting the nutrient solution to affect the pH level, as required. Use to maintain the optimum pH level of 5.5 to 5.8 for hydroponics and 6.2 to 6.3 for sphagnum moss and plants in containers. For best results, check the pH level daily


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