SUPER LITE Mini Torch Lighter

Eagle Mini Torch Lighter

The Eagle Jet Torch Mini Angle Lighter is an ultra small and cost-friendly refillable windproof butane torch lighter with innovative Safe Stop technology.

It uses an angled nozzle with adjustable flame control that allows you to customize it's performance to match your current needs.

Eagle replaces the classic locking feature with a hinged door design that covers the igniter for safe storage while it's not in use.

Just open the cover and press down the ignition button to spark the flame. Underneath the nozzle there is a slider with + / - symbols that you can use to easily control your flame size.

When you've finished up and release the ignition, Eagle's advanced Safe Stop technology ensures the flame instantly dies out.

Eagle also incorporates a small hook on the bottom of the lighter that allows you to attach them to keychains, lanyards, etc.

To refill your Mini Angle Eagle Torch just place the tip from your butane canister vertically into port on the bottom of the lighter.

Lightly press while the lighter fills and when you're finished thoroughly wipe it down. Allow it the fuel to stabilize for about 5 minutes and then you're set for use.


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