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Made from 99.7% CBD isolate and MTC oil, this is an easy and quick way to get relief from a wide range of issues like Insomnia, Muscle pain or Spasms, Seizures, Anxiety, Chronic pain, Inlfammation, Nausea, Low appetite and more.

The Plant of Life Tinctures come in 4 strengths; 300mg/500mg/1000mg/2000mg

Because The tinctures are made from CBD Isolate there are no traces of THC so you can enjoy relief of your symptoms without getting high or worrying about your mental state being affected.

Administering the tincture is also very easy! All you need to do is drop the product under your tongue and hold it for at least 30 seconds, and since there is no taste you'll barely notice it's there.

For Dosage please refer to the chart ;

300mg : 5mg/ml

500mg: 8.3mg/ml

1000mg: 16.6mg/ml

2000mg: 33.3mg/ml

MCT oil, may support the gut microbiome and encourage your digestive system to properly absorb vitamins and minerals from food. At least one animal study has found that MCT can help to improve bacterial gut health, performance, growth, and digestion of nutrients. However excess MCT oil can cause sudden digestive distress. It's nothing dangerous, but it's unpleasant (Laxative effect).

For this reason, if you are experiencing a more severe pain and need to take a larger mg concentration we recommend you use either the 1000 or 2000mg bottles so you dont need to take as much. The least amount of CBD tincture you can take and feel relief from your symptoms the better.

So start small and maintain that dose for three days to give your body time to get accustomed to the medication. Then adjust the dose up or down accordingly for the next three-day period. If you feel any discomfort from a dose, decrease it the next time you take the CBD tincture. You can always increase gradually again from there.



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